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Autism & Pesticides: Is There a Correlation?

by James Yang, MD At MIPC, I have the good fortune of being the one who delivers the official news that a woman is pregnant.  As women wait for their first OB appointment at 6 weeks, they often ask for advice during the initial period when a newborn’s vital organs are developing.  Like most physicians, basic advice including taking a prenatal, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, avoiding common OTC medications, and recognizing high mercury fish are often discussed.  However, a new study published has made me consider discussing the emerging data that pesticides may have on the risk of autism and
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Clearing the Air About the Affordable Care Act

By Christopher Timm, MBBS, MHSc., MIPC President & Founder Obamacare. The name is enough to send people scurrying for their pitchforks and torches. Whether you support or abhor it, change is upon us, and Americans should embrace the reality that health care reform is here to stay. Although it is a hot button issue, many citizens remain unclear about the finer details of the law, and the repercussions for the average American. Formally known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obamacare seeks to enable greater access to health care services and curb rising health care costs. The main
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