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Men’s Health Services at MetroIPC

Men’s Health Month is a chance for both men and women to increase their awareness of the potentially significant health problems that men face, as well as what steps they can take to prevent such problems. Metro Immediate & Primary Care has immediate and preventative care services to help monitor, manage and take control of your health. In addition to getting your yearly physical, some common things men can be screened for include: Blood pressure (hypertension) Cholesterol Diabetes (blood sugar) Prostate Exams STD Testing & Sexual Health Mental health issues (depression, anxiety, etc.) Weight Have a health question, concern or just need your
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Hidden July 4th Threats

Original post by The GW Medical Faculty Associates  A Consumer Products Safety Commission study shows a 65% increase in the number of fireworks-related injuries last year over the previous year.  That’s eight deaths and an estimated 11,400 people who were injured by fireworks in 2013. The GW Medical Faculty Associates wants you to be safe this Independence Day.  But fireworks are not the greatest July 4th safety concern. “Of the myriad of injuries we see in the emergency room, only a few are related to fireworks,” says Dr. Bruno Petinaux, The GW Medical Faculty Associates Emergency Medicine physician and head
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MetroIPC’s In-Depth Look at Sun Protection

By Kelly Thelin, MetroIPC PA-C Have a minor sunburn? Book an Appointment We have previously discussed the importance of sun protection during the summer months. Now let’s delve deeper into the elements of sun exposure and what you need to know. Let’s begin with UV light. Ultraviolet rays, which come from the sun and tanning beds, are a type of radiation. Any form of radiation can alter our genes, which over time can produce abnormal growths called cancer. We classify the type of UV rays that reach the surface of our skin as UVA and UVB. In short, UVA is the
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