MIPC Medical Minute by Dr. James Yang / Caloric Intake

scale1In a recent commentary in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Harvard Medical School obesity researcher David Ludwig, MD, PhD suggested a radically different model of obesity. Instead of obesity being caused by simply an imbalance of calories in and calories out, Dr. Ludwig suggests that diet composition (specifically high levels of processed carbohydrates) combined with genetic and lifestyle factors lead to hormonal changes that increase fat storage and decrease circulating nutrients, triggering persistent hunger that eventually leads to weight gain.

While seemingly intuitive, medical science has been having trouble accepting the proposition that quality of food matters; and that obesity is affected by the known hormonal effect of specific foods, not just their calorie content.  If counting calories has not been working, talk to your MIPC doctor about how you might be able to lose weight by eating specific foods.

Time write up:  https://time.com/2809007/eat-less-exercise-more-isnt-the-answer-for-weight-loss/

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