From the Medical Director of Primary Care

Welcome to MetroIPC Primary Care!

Here at MetroIPC, our primary care physicians are charged with a monumental task:

To provide care for the whole person.

Primary Care beings with relationship and its effectiveness require trust.  In this world of high-tech, fast-paced medicine, it is tempting to think that labs and sophisticated imaging can replace the need of the doctor-patient conversation and a thoughtful exam.  Yet, over and over, I am struck by the wisdom of my medical professors who preached the words of Sir William Osler, “Listen to your patient, he is telling you the diagnosis.”  The privilege of getting to know a patient improves the quality and depth of care a medical professional can provide.

Our focus extends beyond individual organs, isolated diseases, and lists of symptoms.  Medicine begins with acknowledging the person and ends with patient-centered care.  We help you manage You.  Primary Care providers are your partners in preventing disease and improving wellness, and we are experts in chronic disease evaluation and management.

As a proud practice of The GW Medical Faculty Associates, MetroIPC joins more than 750 medical providers who are available, by referral, to impove the quality of your care in a coordinated fashion.  Our network of leading academic specialists provides unparalleled expertise in conditions that require specialized care and consultations.

As we transition our Primary Care services over the next few months to better serve you, we look forward to the following upcoming changes:

  • Improved scheduling
  • On-time appointments
  • Continuity of care with your Primary Care team
  • Care coordinators who can help you
  • Support for nutritional and lifestyle medicine
  • Adoption of a new electronic medical record system that seamlessly connects to The GW Medical Faculty Associates network
  • Partnership with The GW Medical Faculty Associates leaders who will enable us to respond to patients and continuously improve the quality of care we provide.

Our team is excited to bring you the very best Primary Care services to the DC area.    We will continue to provide convenient Primary Care scheduling for DC’s busiest professionals with seamless coordination of care with our immediate and urgent care services.

We hope you will join us in making us your Primary Care medical home!

James Yang, MD

James Yang, MD

James C. Yang, MD, MPH

Medical Director of Primary Care
Metro Immediate & Primary Care​
The GW Medical Faculty Associates