Q & A with Founder & President, Christopher Timm

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Q1.   How did the concept of Metro Immediate & Primary Care begin?

While working as Executive Director to an urgent care office close to the District, it quickly became clear to me that the massive transient population in D.C. was underserved; Think of the number of commuters, out-of-state students, travelers, etc. How were these people receiving care while in the city, and whom were they receiving it from? D.C. needed a stop-gap measure of healthcare for these people, so in 2009, we opened the first Metro Immediate and Primary Care location in Cleveland Park.

Q2.  What is Metro Immediate & Primary Care’s mission and what are you doing to achieve it?

MIPC’s main goal is to take the fear and confusion out of the healthcare system and provide transparency and accessibility where there wasn’t any before.  We achieve this through the use of the latest technology, increasing intercommunication between physicians, therefore, providing our patients with timely, effective care.  Some doctors are paid according to the number of patients they see, which, of course, is a poor business model.  Our patients know that when they choose MIPC, all of our staff is on the same page.

Q3.   How does Metro Immediate Care stay ahead of the cure?

MIPC was the first in D.C. to combine an immediate care practice with the added benefits of primary care.  Our physicians care for patients with immediate concerns, but are also available by appointment to treat reoccurring issues. Also, making sure our offices are accessible is extremely important to us.  Metro Care’s offices are all located within 1-2 blocks from a Metrorail station and we are open extend hours, 365 days a year. Getting sick does not happen according to your doctor’s schedule, when you need care it’s immediate, and that’s why we do what we do.  

Q4.  Where do you see the future of healthcare?

We live in a technology-driven culture and these advances are opening up tons of opportunities for the healthcare industry to streamline.  This means cutting healthcare costs and becoming even more accessible to our patients.  We utilize EMRs, Electronic Medical Records, which helps our patients receive consistent medical care no matter where they go and whom they see.  Even our in-take forms are completed electronically. More so, there are no blips in your day when you are under the care of Metro. While we try to keep wait time down as much as possible, our offices offer Wi-Fi, television and computers in the wait room.

Q5.   What’s next for Metro Immediate & Primary Care?

We are growing to meet the needs of communities all over the DMV. Don’t be surprised to see a Metro office pop up in a neighborhood near you. Come see us, getting you healthy and back on your feet is why we are here.