The Basics of Being Healthy & Staying Healthy

by Ruth Torres, MA – MIPC Medical Assistanthealthy

How well prepared are you to fight off infection and what measures are you taking? Most illnesses can be easily managed through the help of basic methods and being cautious with what enters your body.

Most people have direct access to soap and running water, but not many value the act of hand washing. Think about how many things we touch in a day! Getting those suds in motion will keep you from holding onto unwanted microbes and help prevent you from catching an infection—or needing a doctor’s visit. At MIPC, we take great care of our office environment and equipment in order to reduce the risk of sickness of patients and employees. We keep our exam rooms free of germs with the help of germicidal and sanitizing products that we keep our exam rooms, bathrooms, and waiting areas.

In addition to keeping surfaces clear of harmful bacteria, it is also important to focus on a healthy lifestyle. This means trying to find healthy and purifying ways to keep our bodies balanced and strong. Try making water your new best friend!  Drink plenty of  water daily to rid yourself of harmful toxins, it also does wonders for your skin. Also, try to pick fresh meals that provide you with nutrients needed to defend against infection.

If you need help on your journey to a feel-good, fit life, consult with your MIPC provider and explore the many ways you can achieve a healthier daily routine and lifestyle.