The Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.38.35 AMBy MIPC Staff

Some people just can’t wait to do a little Spring Cleaning in their homes, while others, are a little less enthusiastic. As we wait for the weather to warm up, Spring is a common time for people to get out with the old and in with the new. This is a time where health experts say we should toss our old make up, buy new pillows, empty out the fridge of old/expired food and, literally, CLEAN HOUSE.  But aside from a clutter-free home, there are other health benefits to tidying up our nests.

1. Reduces allergens: If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, a thorough Spring cleaning can clear your home of lingering allergens that may exacerbate allergies, like dust, mold and pollen tracked into the home.

2. Healthier living environment: Any self-respecting, Spring cleaning pro, shudders at the thought of mold and bacteria in their homes, but it is certainly there. Bacteria, good and bad, are all around us. Keeping tidy helps rid your home of harmful germs and bacteria that can get you sick.

3. Relieves stress: You probably know someone who goes on a cleaning frenzy whenever they are upset or stressed, this is for good reason.  Cleaning allows us to heighten our focus onto the task at hand and ease the worries. The physical act of cleaning itself relieves tension.

4. Renew your calm: While similar to relieving stress, living in a clutter-free home has a calming effect allowing you time to focus on other things and, maybe even, reuniting with missing items.

5. Exercise: This isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but cleaning does require energy and some say you can burn significant calories if you’re really moving. This Huffington Post article offers some calorie-burning figures for some of the most commonly performed chores.