“What is a Physician Assistant?”

Physician AssistantBy Katie Wolf, MSHS, PA-C, MIPC Physician Assistant

A Physician Assistant, or PA, is a health care provider who can diagnose and treat illnesses, write prescriptions, interpret lab results and perform procedures, all under the direct or indirect supervision of a physician. Every PA undergoes training though a nationally accredited PA program prior to passing a national certifying exam, and is able to practice in all fifty states.

PAs are trained in the medical model (the same model used in medical schools) and generally have prior healthcare experience. They have the ability to work in a variety of fields from primary care to specialties such as pediatrics, cardiology or surgery. You can find them in clinics and hospitals. Many PAs will work in multiple specialties throughout his or her career.

By definition, Physician Assistants work collaboratively with physicians, though the level of supervision varies by state, specialty and practice. All PAs work as part of a healthcare team to provide optimal care to patients. We PAs at Metro Immediate and Primary Care look forward to assisting you with your healthcare needs.