What To Do? Emergency Tips / Sprains & Strains

IceWatch out for the slippery sidewalks and stairs this winter season. Falls are common and can result in various injuries such as ankle sprains and strains. When the ankle is twisted, rolled or inverted (most common), the ligaments can be stretched or even torn. This causes pain, swelling and decreased range of motion at the ankle joint. If you think you have experienced an ankle sprain/strain, it is important to visit one of our clinics for an official evaluation as you could actually have a bone fracture or serious ligament damage.

For home treatment, remember the mnemonic: RICE

R-Rest the injured area
I-Ice for 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a day
C-Apply Compression using an ACE wrap
E-Elevate the extremity(above the heart)

*PRICES is also a common mnemonic incorporating Protection (with splint or brace) and Support into the management.