What To Do? Emergency Tips / Lacerations

Bandaged FingerCut your finger instead of the avocado?

Finger lacerations are a common injury, often occurring during the rush of meal preparation. Some lacerations can be quite painful and even cause damage to the underlying vessels, tendons or nerves. If you cut your finger, immediately apply pressure with a clean towel and elevate the wound. If the cut is superficial and bleeding controlled, thoroughly (and gently) clean the wound with running water making sure there is no remaining debris. Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment and dress with a sterile bandage.

If the wound is deep, open, or continues to bleed, you need more complex wound care and stitches. You may also need a tetanus booster (if >5yrs since prior vaccination). Please don’t delay! Visit one of our offices if you think you may need further evaluation and treatment of your laceration.