What to Do? Emergency Tips / Stress Fractures

Foot X-Ray“It only hurts when I run!”

The long-awaited spring season has come and many are resuming their exercise and spring sports routines. As activity and training increases, so do the number of injuries. Stress fractures are one common injury seen in our clinics.  Repetitive stress (especially to the weight-bearing bones in the legs and feet) can eventually cause bones to crack. This is more likely to occur with a sudden change in the length or intensity of your activity, such as going for a much longer run than usual.

Wearing worn-out shoes, having poor nutrition, and underlying conditions such as osteoporosis can also make you more prone to injury. To prevent stress fractures, it is important to carefully plan out your exercise program. Gradually increase workouts, alternate your training activities, and wear proper gear at all times. If you do get pain, stop immediately. Continued stress can cause the injury to worsen, leading to a more significant break.  Visit one of our clinics for further evaluation. Please note that many stress fractures are not visible on plain x-ray. Therefore, if your symptoms are not improving after immobilization and rest, you may need to follow with an Orthopedist.