What To Do? Emergency Tips / Frostnip

Snowflakes-silhouetteDon’t let Jack Frost get the best of you this winter. Make sure to keep bundled up, especially if you are on certain medications(beta-blockers), are a smoker, or have chronic medical conditions that decrease circulation (such as diabetes or Raynaud’s disease). Frostnip can start at 0 °C (32 °F) and progress to worsening frostbite where there is serious damage. Prevention is key!

What to do if you think you have frostnip (mild frostbite)?

-Get out of the cold

-Remove wet clothing

-DO NOT massage or rub the area as this can cause further injury

-Use warm water 40-42°C (104-108F) to rewarm the area, not direct dry heat

-Any other stage of frostbite must be evaluated and treated by a medical professional. If the skin is pale, mottled, increasingly painful or blisters appear, go immediately to the Emergency Department

Please keep your eyes open for those out in the cold this winter. The DC Emergency Shelter Hotline is 1-800-535-7252.