Your MetroIPC Patient Coordinator


Kawana Ringold is a Patient Care Coordinator at MetroIPC.  Our coordinators serve as a liaison between our MetroIPC patients and providers.  Kawana shares more about her role and what MetroIPC is doing to provide ongoing quality care for our patients.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a married, mother of three who is currently enrolled at UMUC for my Bachelors degree. I have worked as a Medical Assistant as well as in a clinical and administrative capacity for Riverside Health Systems, Walker Jones Health Center, Unity Health Care and the DC Department of Corrections.  As of June 2015, I am a Patient Care Coordinator for Metro Immediate and Primary Care.


What does a MetroIPC Patient Care Coordinator do? 

We are here, first and foremost, as a support to our patients from beginning to end.  Patient coordinators serve as an avenue of communication between our patients, providers and insurance carriers. We are also here to help patients connect with any outside resources they may need and following up to ensure they are seen by providers quickly and efficiently.


What are patients often surprised to know about MetroIPC? 

Patients are often surprised about our hours of operation, the flexibility of our providers and staff as well as the convenient accessibility that we can provide, which is a major goal within MetroIPC.


What kinds of things is MetroIPC doing to deliver quality patient care?

MetroIPC’s goal is to serve as an open door to healthcare for everyone.  We offer convenience, flexibility and the combination of immediate and primary care services. The patient care coordinators take that one step further by ensuring the best and most comprehensive care within our practice, the GW Medical Faculty Associates network, as well as other community practices.